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A Journey of Hope: Oviya Sri's Story

Oviya Sri is a bright-eyed three-year-old whose life took an unexpected turn shortly after birth. During a routine vaccination visit, she was diagnosed with a heart condition that had gone undetected during prenatal scans. This sudden news left her family facing a daunting challenge.

Her father, Mr. Prem Kumar, is a dedicated painter who typically works three to four days a week, earning 700 rupees per day. Her mother, Mrs. Saraswathi, manages the household. The family's financial situation becomes even more strained during the rainy season when work is scarce, adding to their challenges.

For the past three years, Oviya Sri has been on medication prescribed by the government hospital to manage her heart condition. Recently, her family attended a camp organized by MIOT International Hospital, where the doctors provided a critical update:

"Oviya Sri. P is diagnosed with a large OS ASD and mild PS. She is advised to undergo an elective device closure of ASD to correct the condition."

The estimated cost for the surgery, including ICU and hospital stay, post-operative investigations, and medications, is Rs. 2,00,000.

As Prem Kumar and Saraswathi navigate this critical phase, they remain hopeful that with the continued support of their community, they can secure the necessary resources for Oviya Sri's ongoing medical needs. Your support can make a significant difference in the life of this young girl, offering her the chance for a healthier future.

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