In General

Let's Contribute is an online fundraising platform for Students and NGO, where they can share their financial needs and raise money. Students can raise funds for their education, sports and innovative projects. NGO can raise funds for their charity works related to education.

Let's Contribute works for “Education for All” and we believe an individual needs a basic UG degree to survive his future needs. Let's Contribute aims to bring students and academic advocates together to remove the financial barriers between students and academics.

Campaign: A campaign is a project or need with a funding goal of an individual or student or charity.
Creator/Campaigner: A Campaigner is a team or an individual or NGO behind the campaign passion project who is working for better future and social cause.
Funding Goal: The funding goal is the money that creator/campaigner needs to finish project or need.
Beneficiary: A beneficiary is for whom you raise fund for. Beneficiary can be your family, friend, student, colleague or any well-known person or NGO.
Backer: A backer is a person who fund money for your project or need.

We charge a 5% platform fee . Payment gateway fees is charged by the payment gateway partners in our case HDFC, Payumoney,STRIPE for processing your payment, which is around 1.5 - 3.2% for payments made in NR and 2.9% + 30C for payments made in USD based on the type of transactions. All the charges will be automatically deducted from campaigners raised fund.

Like any other company, Let's Contribute has operating expenses like technology, infrastructure, payroll & benefits for our dedicated team of employees. We have created this model so that we can continue to provide great service without worrying about our overheads.

Let's Contribute accepts both Indian Rupees(INR) and US Dollars(USD).To provide more clarity to the users and comply with regulations, donations received as Indian Rupees (INR) and US Dollars (USD) are shown separately and sent through separate transfers.

For Campaign Creators

We are the wish box for students and NGOs. Users can raise funds for

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Innovative Projects
  • Arts, Film and Photography
  • NGO
  • Charity
  • And, any social activity

  • Sign Up on Let's Contribute.com
  • Select category to Raise fund
  • Under create campaign, submit form with uploading necessary documents
  • Campaign will be displayed once approved

For Education: Student should have scored minimum of 70% in academics
For Sports: Students should have previous achievement record in particular sport
For Innovation Project: Should have a perfect product outcome and prototype
For NGO: Should be a registered NGO and should have previously worked f or student welfare

For Education: college/school bona fide certificate, fee structure, 10th & 12th certificate, previous semester marksheet and Aadhar card
For Sports: college/school bona fide certificate, sport achievement certificates, and Aadhar card
For Project: college/school bona fide certificate, project documentation, prototype details and Aadhar card
For NGO: Government registered certificate, previous works documents and photos

It's free to create your online fundraising campaign. Once funds are raised, we charge a 5% platform fee + Service tax 18% (as per GST). Payment gateway fees is charged for processing your payment, which is around 2.0 - 3.2% for payments made in INR and 2.9% + 30C for payments made in USD.

The moment when a backer funds your campaign, campaigner will be notified also backer name and funded amount will get added to the backers list under particular campaign tab

A campaign video increases chance of raising more funds. Showing people who you are your passion, hobbies and what is your campaign all about can impact and convince donors to fund your campaign.

You can make a video in your comfortable language and with subtitles will be preferable and upload it on YouTube and share the URL in the campaign submission form.

You can edit the campaign until its approved. If you want to edit your live campaign you can contact your campaign coordinator.

Yeah absolutely, you can raise funds for your family members, friends, colleagues, charities and close circles.

Once your campaign is approved we will notify you through mail or you can visit your website dashboard to view your status

You will receive an email about the reason for your campaign rejection. Once you rectify it you can re-apply

Once your campaign is approved, you will be assigned with a campaign manager. Our campaign manager will contact you through mail/call and let you know what should be done

Your campaign will be displayed within 2 working days after approval. You will receive your campaign link through mail or access from My Campaigns in your dashboard

35 days from the date when your campaign goes to live or can be changed according to campaign creators need. Campaign will not be kept live after 35 days

Yes, you can but it mostly depends for the cause which you are raising fund for. If your campaign gets approved, you can proceed

Yes, you can but only on valid reasons. Once your campaign is live and if you are in a need to change your goal amount, contact your campaign manager, if the reason is valid submit required documents and the goal amount will be changed by your campaign manager

Don’t worry. Let's Contribute follows “We Give What We Get”. You will receive entire fund detecting transactional and platform charges

Excess amount will be transferred to another campaigner or It will used for same students future education needs.

No, goal amount will not be changed. Might consider under valid reasons

Start sharing your campaign link in social medias (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) with your family, friends, colleagues and other close circles also ask your friends to share your campaign link

No, donors will not be charged for anything

Every time when you receive fund, you will be notified through SMS, mail and you can also check in your dashboard

Sure, we will promote your campaign in our social media and also in other social media pages with high user engagement

This is the section for campaigners/creators where they can post updates or progress about their campaign, thank the backers. Whenever an update is posted your backers will be notified through mail. Campaigners can communicate with backers even after campaign ends, even life events can be posted here

You can find your list of campaigns in your dashboard, you can view on each campaign to know campaign status

To view your campaign backers list, visit your campaign page under the backer’s tab you can view all backers who have donated fund for your campaign

Contact your campaign manager and only if the reason is valid, campaign end date will be extended

If you face any technical issues you can report to our live chat or mail to ask@Let's Contribute.com, we will sort out your queries

Issues during online fund transaction are caused due to internet failure or connectivity issues in payment gateway. Nothing to get worried, our system tracks all transaction including failure ones and their reasons

Once we get hit with failure transaction, an email will be sent to the backers with options to continue their payment again, if backer experiences continuous failure transaction our support team will follow backer through phone calls and guide with the transaction

We provide payment through DD (Demand Draft) we do transfer through bank account or provide cheque under preferable conditions

10 working days from the campaign end date

Documents might differ for each campaign, we will intimate the campaigner before sending funds

Contact your campaign manager, you will be accepted and guided under valid reasons

No cash transfers, we provide cheque payment under reasonable conditions

After the end date, all successful and ended campaigns will be listed in a separate page

You need to post updates about your campaign/project under the updates tab in your campaign page, whenever you post updates backers donated for your campaign will be notified.

For Backers

Yes, you can donate without logging in

Yes, Rs.50 is the minimum amount

Yes, International cards will be accepted.

No, not integrated with PayPal. May be in future we will start working for it

Let's Contribute does a background check (family, school/college) on campaigner, we also seek referrals. Once when a background check is done with school/college we get to know every detail about the campaigner. We reject campaign requests who don’t fit in our eligibility criteria.

Let's Contribute will notify all backers once fund is transferred to campaigner, campaigner will also post the status in update box. Backers can contact campaigner directly using “Ask a Question” and clarify queries.

Only if you are a logged in backer, you can contact the campaigner. To contact, go to the respective campaign page and click “Ask question” and you can ask questions related to the campaign and campaigner will reply you back

We encourage campaigners to post update. In case if you don’t receive updates, you can mail us on ask@Let's Contribute.com and we will work on it

Yes, your name and amount you have funded can be viewed in the campaign page under backers tab.

Yes, whenever a campaign raises fund, campaigner will be notified through SMS, mail and also in the website dashboard

You can reach the respective campaign and ask questions under “Ask a question tab”

If you don’t want to show up your name, you mark yourself as anonymous while donating the fund.

No, campaigner will be given with fund, how much ever the campaign has raised debiting the transactional and platform charges.

After you donate for a campaign, you will be notified with a SMS, mail and also in web dashboard

Sorry. Once you have funded, you can’t cancel

No, you will not be charged for donating. It’s totally free

Selected campaign donation made in Let's Contribute.com are Eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of IT act 1961.

Yes, we insist because Let's Contribute and campaigners will send rewards or gifts during occasions

Issues during online fund transaction are caused due to internet failure or connectivity issues in payment gateway. Nothing to get worried, our system tracks all transaction including failure ones and their reasons

Once we get hit with failure transaction, an email will be sent to the backers with options to continue their payment again, if backer experiences continuous failure transaction our support team will follow backer through phone calls and guide with the transaction