Handbook and Tips to start

Start with naming your campaign

  • Pick a title that is short, simple and attractive
  • Your title should make people want to read more about your campaign and project.
  • Include part of your name in title, it will be easy to find in google search and make your circles recognize easily.

Tell your story honestly

  • Your short description should be brief, sum up your whole need within 200-250 characters. Do not exceed
  • Your long description should include all information necessary for a backer. An honest campaign description will always raise successful funding
  • Introduce yourself to backers, highlight specific details like what is your campaign all about, why you need fund
  • If your need is for education explain how education is important to you, your passion, what went wrong, why couldn’t your close circles support you
  • If your need is for sports explain how good you are at sport, your passion, your previous achievements, your future events.
  • If your need is for project, explain your project detailly, how did you come up with the idea, what you have planned about it, schedule, team, who impacted your work
  • If you raise fund for beneficiary, tell who the beneficiary is, how you know the beneficiary, why is the beneficiary important to you
  • Mention the fund breakdown. Ex., if Rs. 10,000 is your goal amount: Rs. 9,000 will be used to college fee and the other Rs. 1,000 will be used to buy books and notebooks.
  • Make sure the visitor/reader of your campaign should have clear understanding of your need/project and how well you are planning to achieve it

Get good photos and videos

  • Quality matters. Image quality is most important; More realistic, more funding
  • Campaign photo should be big, clear with high resolution which should convince a reader to become a backer
  • Your photo can be either you with family, college, staffs, project team.
  • Campaign with good video raise more than 70% funding. Videos create emotional impact with readers
  • Videos are the best chance that your campaign goes viral, which will boost your funding

Build community

  • Using social media is key to the success of fundraising campaign
  • Use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google and email to spread about your campaign
  • Share your campaign link with title, small context, photo and video, do not share just the link
  • Do not hesitate to share your campaign in social media because around 30% of the funding comes from your social media contacts.

Say Thank You and Post Updates

  • Always thank your backers
  • Showing honor to your backer will always help you raise more fund from backer’s circle
  • Use the update field to thank your backer. Do not forget to mention backer name when you thank
  • Post your campaign updates frequently
  • Post Thank You updates after reaching your goal and also after receiving fund

Follow Up on Backers

  • Your story doesn’t end up with raising goal. Backers wanted to know what happened with you and your life. So, share post your life updates
  • Posting updates every day is not a good idea. We recommend to post updates twice a month
  • Share both good and bad news to your backers. Be Honest