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Swasika, just 11 months old, has been facing health challenges since she was three months old. Her parents, Sarath and Hilda, noticed she would often struggle to breathe, especially during baths or moments of excitement, and she would sweat excessively while being fed. Concerned, they sought medical help at Children’s Hospital Egmore, where doctors diagnosed her with a congenital infection. Despite the diagnosis, Swasika seemed stable initially.

However, eight months ago, Swasika developed a persistent cold that didn't respond to any medication or care. Alarmed by her deteriorating condition, Sarath and Hilda returned to Children’s Hospital, only to find that Swasika wasn't receiving the necessary treatment. Fearing for their child's life, they sought immediate care at a nearby private hospital, where they were advised that Swasika required surgery for her condition—a solution they couldn't afford after exhausting their resources on previous treatments.

In their moment of desperation, a ray of hope emerged when they were referred to MIOT Hospitals for specialized care. There, Swasika was diagnosed with a moderate-sized PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) and recommended to undergo Elective Device Closure of PDA to correct it—a procedure estimated to cost Rs. 1,40,000, covering surgery, ICU & Hospital stay, post-op investigations, and medications.

Sarath, working as contract staff at Aavin in Madhavaram for the past five years, operates on a daily wage basis. Every day spent at the hospital means a significant loss of income for the family. Compounding their challenges, Sarath and Hilda receive little to no support from their families due to being in an inter-community marriage.

Facing immense stress and uncertainty, Sarath and Hilda humbly appeal to the generous and philanthropic individuals in society for assistance as they navigate this crisis with their precious firstborn. Any support extended to them will not only alleviate the financial burden but also provide hope and relief during this trying time.

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