Fund for me to participate NATIONAL LEVEL RACING EVENT in IIT ROPAR

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“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”

 When your dream is higher you can cross any hurdle to taste the fruit of victory of it. Likewise Mohamedsuhail’s dream has kept pushing him forward to achieve his dream to win BAJA SAE INDIA 2018 competition.

Suhail is now doing his final year of Production Engineering in Government college of Technology, Coimbatore. He is very much interested to participate in motor race. He and his team were doing too much of hard work on this. Their team SCREWTENIZERS has practiced well enough and they want to go further steps to achieve their goal.

Their team planned to participate in the SAE’s competition, which conducts BAJA a National level competition for all terrain vehicles. A couple of weeks before they heard that SAE’s completion will going to start very soon, so they prepared their vehicle tested in all types of terrain.

His seniors have for past 6 to 7 years, but they couldn’t get in. So Suhail and his team are putting their restless time on this. Now SCREWTENIZERS is completely ready to compete with other teams in IIT ROPAR.

Along with their captain, there are nearly 25 members in their team were checked for train reservation. When they checked for seats there was no seats left for them. They have to be there in particular date or else their registration for competition shall be canceled. After a deep discussion they planned to go through Airways.

Most of them in their team have booked their seat as fast as they could. Only Suhail and two of his friends are yet reserve their seats. Because of his family’s financial condition they cannot afford that much amount for their son to travel in the Airways. It is really tough for his parents to arrange a huge sum in very short time. For his travel allowance it may cost Rs. 75000 for Flight ticket, Rs.4500 for 10 days accommodation, Rs. 3000 for food for 10 days, Rs. 2000 for travel expense and Rs. 1000 for other expenses.

“Our greatness has always come from people who expect nothing and take nothing for granted”

Now Suhail is in need of such kindhearted people like you who is heartily willing to come forward and help him to attend the event so that his Dream of winning  BAJA SAE INDIA 2018 comes true.

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