Auto Driver Is Struggling To Save His Daughter From Heart Disease

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"When she was 5-months-baby, my daughter started bleeding milk in her ears and nose. I got shocked and my wife didn't know how to react and we rushed her to the hospital" - Father Dharani

Gajalakshmi is now 11 years old girl, studying 6th standard. When she was 5-month-old baby she was diagnosed with Tricuspid atresia where valve in her heart is not properly placed  because of which impure and pure blood gets mixed. So now only impure blood is circulated in her body and at any moment she could suffer heart failure.

When Gajalakshmi  was diagnosed the doctors said that she has to undergo three surgeries in forth coming years to cure completely. The baby girl underwent first surgery when she was 5-months old and second when she was 6years old and now she has to undergo with the third one.

"My daughter is very innocent and she is always tired. Even if she walks to nearby shop to buy chocolates, once she comes home she will get tired and start sleeping and which is very hard to see my daughter like this at this age" - Mother Saraswathy

"Gajalakshmi means the world to me. She is interested in yoga, whenever she had yoga class in school, once she reaches home she used to tell about it very happily. But most of the days after walking half way to the school she will come home saying, Appa I couldn't breath properly and the next minute is will fell into sleep" - Father Dharani

“The days I take school trips , I earn Rs 400. In a month, I don't earn more than Rs 10,000. When they said I had to arrange for Rs 4 .5lakhs, the first two days we felt like we  should just go home but I realized being a parent it my duty to save my daughter" - Father Dharani

11-years-old Gajalakshmi needs urgent help for her heart surgery. Her father couldn't take up enough trips to earn money as he has to stay with his daughter most of the time.  The families debts keep increasing  and his daughter's health condition is deteriorating day by day. He requires Rs 4.5 lakhs to save his daughter

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