Bring Back 12 Year Old Akash From Coma

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Akash is the only son of Venkatesh and Majula. The family lives in a small village near Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Akash is 12-years-old and at an age when he should be learning and playing all day. But instead he is in coma.

Days back when Akash is traveling in bike with a family member, all of sudden he fell down and got injured in his head. Initially, he was taken to nearby private hospital and again shifted to government hospital. Realizing there is no enough facilities in govt hospital, Akash was again shifted to VIMS hospital at Salem. 

Akash has undergone head surgery and yet he is still in coma. The doctors have told head injury might take time to heal. Akash is in ICU for past 25days. His father Venkatesh owns a flower shop and doesn't earn enough to support Akash's treatment and he has already spent around 2lakhs for the surgery. As per bills and future expenses Mr. Venkatesh would need another 3-4lakhs to save his son Akash

Mr. Venkatesh says he is already in neck-deep debt and now there is no one who would help us. Only your support can help us save our baby boy.

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