My 1-Month-Old Son Has Two Holes in his Heart

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"This baby is surviving on ventilation and he has just lived 1 month of his life.  The baby experiences constant fatigue and breathing troubles. He almost gets tired even after few minutes of being active. It breaks our heart to imagine what our little boy is going through with 2 holes in his heart.” - Selvam, Baby's father

Having lost their first baby, Selvam and Rukmani were very concerned about their 2nd child. Rukmani underwent test tube baby and was blessed with twin baby, a girl and a boy on May 5, 2018. Selvam and Rukmani was very concerned about their babies health as they lost the first. Everything was alright for a week after birth until the doctors told that their boy baby has 2 holes in his heart and he is struggling to breath. All this, only a week after his birth. 

Twin baby boy and girl

The hole can lead to drastic enlargement and weakening of heart muscles and result in a reduced supply of oxygen in the body, meaning that 1-month-old twin baby boy's life is at risk, every minute of his life. His heart and lungs could give up on anytime

When the news of baby's heart ailment reached his mother, she broke down and this added acute stress problems  and she is not able to take care of the baby twin girl. Selvam is a farmer from Thiruvanalami who is facing huge loss in crop cultivation. 

Baby is currently admitted in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Coimbatore . The family is on the verge of losing their 1-month-old baby to a fatal heart disorder. For him to have any chance of living a long, healthy life, surgery is necessary.

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