Father Earning Rs.400/day Needs To Save Her Daughter

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This is Hemalatha, 18 year old undergoing kidney transplant at Institute of Nephrology, Chennai.

It all started when Hemalatha was 2 years old, she had frequent nausea ad vomiting. When she was taken to hospital and doctors said that she was suffering from Hyponatremia - Salt Deficiency in Blood/Body. 

This kept going until Hemalatha was 15 years old and they found that both her kidney had damaged and she needs a transplant. 2 years after diagnosis she is now undergoing kidney transplant. Her mother is donating her kidney. 

Although the surgery cost is very less, medicines and future diagnosis costs around 2 Lakhs. Hemalatha's father Murugasan working as a Saree weaver and earns Rs.400/ day. Coming from such low socio economic background, her father couldn't afford that much money but he is in a situation to save his daughter.


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