Para Badminton Champion needs electric elbow prosthesis

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Abbas Sugil World 23rd rank in ParaBadminton  Player and India's No 1 ParaBadminton player. He has won Several Medals for India in the previous year.  He has also been Qualified for all International tournament.

Abbas needs to undergo myo electric elbow prosthesis. 

What is myo electric elbow prosthesis?

The primary purpose of an arm prosthetic is to mimic the appearance and replace the function of a missing limb. Myoelectric prosthetics have a number of advantages over body-powered prosthetics. Instead, it is custom made to fit and attach to the remaining limb (whether above the elbow or below) with maximum suspension using suction technology.

Once it is attached, the prosthetic uses electronic sensors to detect minute muscle, nerve, and EMG activity. It then translates this muscle activity (as triggered by the user) into information that its electric motors use to control the artificial limbs movements. The end result is that the artificial limb moves much like a natural limb, according the mental stimulus of the user. The user can even control the strength and speed of the limb’s movements and grip by varying his or her muscle intensity

Abbas has planned to undergo the surgery at Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics at Hyderabad, India and the total operation costs around 1.15lakhs. The great champion needs support to undergo the surgery

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