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Mrs.Hemadevi and Team here.

Right after completion of my Engineering graduation along with a team started running a school by the name of "Sri Arungaraiamman Nallathaai Vidhyalayam" in Kottamangalam village near udumalpet. By 2006 itself we started as primary school.By 2015 we upgraded as high school.Its a slow development Progress since our mission and vision is to serve the society with quality innovative education at a reasonable fee.We r collecting only 8000 payment per student for school fees including books.All students are Agri based.

Parents of our students not able to meet their living expenses itself

Now our parents are not able to pay even this reasonable fees.Since agriculture income is not sufficient for them to run their life itself.Because of this we are not able to meet emergency expenses like salary for teachers,Drivers,Ayyahs,Diesel expenses.

Empower the Knowledge of the students

Apart from these issues,to empower the knowledge of students we need to adopt visualization methodology in classrooms(Projectors with smartboards). A classroom has students with varied power of understanding and learning. But the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students.The possibilities or advantages of smart classrooms are endless.

Establish science lab and computer lab

Science is different from any other subject.Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts.So there is a need to establish science lab.

We live in an Environment of an evolving, electronic century people. It is totally necessary for children to know how to operate computers, in this world. Moreover, many, many jobs nowadays, have computers in it, and it is therefore vital to know how to use them quickly and effectively.So there is a need to establish computer lab.

Upgrading to Highersecondary

Most of our children completing their high school will not be able to move to urban school with huge fee structure so we are in need to upgrade as higher secondary. Also school is situated in village area so we cant charge heavy payment on agri oriented students.So expecting financial support from public to renderquality education for students from economically struggling background.

Thank You.

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