Blind Parents Need your Support to Educate their Son

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Dear kind-hearted individuals,

I want to share the story of Natarasaan and his wife, a remarkable couple who are facing a tough situation. They are both blind and are struggling to make enough money to support their family. Their son, Naveen, is currently in the 8th grade, and they need financial assistance to pay his school fees.

Natarasaan and his wife are hardworking and ambitious. They believe in the power of education and are doing everything they can to provide their children with a good education. But right now, they are finding it difficult to afford Naveen's school fees, which amount to INR 20,000.

(Visually Challenged Govt Certificate of Parents)

This is a sincere request for your help. Your contribution can make a real difference in Naveen's life. By supporting him with his school fees, you can ensure that he can continue his education without any interruptions. Every little bit helps, and any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Natarasaan and his wife's determination, despite their blindness, is truly inspiring. They face numerous challenges every day but never give up on their dreams for their children. With your support, we can help Naveen get the education he deserves and give him a brighter future.

Please consider making a donation to support Naveen's education. Your generosity will not only provide immediate relief but also bring hope and a sense of possibility to this deserving family.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Together, we can make a significant impact on Naveen's life and empower this wonderful family to overcome their financial difficulties.


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